What to grow in June - Temperate Climate

So it's June and the first month of Winter and you are probably thinking there is not much you can grow in terms of edibles in the garden in Winter...well there is actually lots!! When I first started growing from home I was so surprised about this and then I discovered all the unusual greens I could grow and now actually look forward to the winter garden! Sure, things grow slower over Winter and it is not as pleasant weather-wise in the garden, but the produce you can grow is healthy, fresh, organic and will save you money in the supermarket. 

What I love most about winter gardens is growing things I can't buy from the Supermarket from home! 

One thing to remember about a Winter garden is that the soil is cold and that is not great for germinating seeds, so planting directly is not an option for most edibles over winter. 

You can still start seeds if you have a greenhouse. However, if you don't have a greenhouse and want to plant edibles, you'll need to purchase seedlings from a local garden centre. The other options are purchasing seedlings online and if you live in Melbourne, check out Di's Delightful Plants It is a fantastic place to get your edibles online and sent directly to your home.

There are many things you can grow in June, this list is what I have growing in my Vegetable garden now or will be planting this month.

I've also included what some of the main nutrients you get from eating these vegetables and how I like to eat the more unusual greens.



What to sow directly from seed into growing position:

Broad Beans (Source of protein, fibre, folate and magnesium)

Beetroot (Source of fibre, folate and magnesium)

Radish (Source of fibre. Small source of potassium, folate and riboflavin)

Tatsoi (High in Vitamin C, potassium, Iron and Calcium. Best eaten raw but nice also stir-fried) 

What to sow in punnets or seed trays:

Spring Onion (Source of vitamin C and calcium)

Cabbage (Source of vitamin C, B5, B6 and calcium)

Cauliflower (Source of vitamin C, K, B6 and folate)


What to plant as a seedling: 

Cress ( Source of vitamins A, K and C, and manganese. Eat the leaves raw. I prefer land cress as I find it easier to grow then watercress)

Sorrel (Source of vitamin A, C and folate. Use the young leaves in salads and lightly cook the older leaves)

Mustard Greens (Source of vitamin K, calcium, magnesium and folic acid. Use in salads or lightly cooked)

Vitamin Greens (High in vitamins A, C, K. E, iron and calcium. Use the small leaves raw in salads but best to cook the larger leaves first as they have a stronger bitter taste that fades when cooked)

Chicory (Source of vitamin A, B1 and Zinc. Can eat leaves raw but I prefer to cook them)

Carrots (Source of vitamin A, C and fibre)

Lettuce (Source of vitamin A, folate and potassium)

Rocket (Source of vitamin C, K and potassium)

Pak Choi (Source of vitamins A, C, K and calcium)

Spinach (Source of vitamins A, C, E and K)

Broccoli (Source of vitamins A, C, B6 and potassium)

Peas (Source of vitamins A, C, B6 and Iron)

Parsnips (Source of Vitamin C and magnesium) 

Kale (Source of vitamins K, A, C, calcium, iron and magnesium)

Leeks (Source of vitamins A, C, B6 and Iron)

Mizuna (Source of vitamins A, C, K and Calcium. Best eaten raw, yet can be lightly cooked)

Kohlrabi (Excellent source of vitamins C and B6. Can be eaten raw but I like to eat it roasted best of all)

Turnip (Source of vitamin C, B6, Folate, Calcium, Potassium and Copper. I like it cooked in soups best but also use it to make an old school cough mixture my mum taught me!)

Swede (Source of vitamin C, B6, magnesium and calcium. Can be eaten raw but I like it cooked in soups or mashed with potatoes) 

Silverbeet (Excellent source of vitamin A, C and B6. Also a great source of iron, magnesium and calcium)

I love to hear from all of my readers! So if you have any other food to grow suggestions for June, please comment below.

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Happy Gardening Everyone,

Ingrid x

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